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I’m originally from Luton, England, and I now live in Melbourne, Australia with my wife, two adult children (when they’re around!) and Sparks, my ever-hungry Cavalier King Charles spaniel (aka a writer’s assistant).


I’m also a professional social worker. I have previously worked in the health field, specialising in drug counselling, HIV/AIDS care and then disabilities.  I currently work in the school sector and love working with young people.

I’m proud to say my manuscript for EleMental won a coveted Young Adult Writers’ Mentorship award at the national Varuna Writers’ Centre in the Blue Mountains, New South Wales. I have since followed up EleMental  with MonuMental and Beneath the Surface. All of my novels are influenced by my social work experiences in one way or another. I’m now currently working on an adult novel influenced by time as an HIV/AIDS social worker in the 80s.

FCS presentation

Steven O’Connor with some of the marvelous students from Fitzroy Community School.

There’s a wee little bit more about me on my ‘About me’ page here.


Down on Coogee Beach.

…and that’s well enough about me. 🙂


4 thoughts on “About me

  1. Really interesting Steve, see you Thurs night. I am English too and used to live v near Luton and have been at arvon foundation’s lumb bank many times ( think John Osborne’s house is arvon foundation too?)

    • Thanks! Yes, John Osborne’s house (The Hurst Manor), is run by The Arvon foundation. I look forward to meeting you this Thursday night at the Melb Writers’ Social Group (which will be my last writerly event in Australia before I head off).

  2. Hello ! I recently picked up a copy of EleMental at an op shop , however it’s a I corrected manuscript copy , is this any different from the proper book ? 🙂 I’m very keen to read it but don’t wanna spoil it if it is in fact different :s haha

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