MonuMentally worn out but EleMentally free!

Tired as Lemur

Tired as Larry the Lemur

I have been quiet haven’t I? In actual fact I’ve been tweeting like mad. And jumping around all over facebook. Telling everybody about how you can currently download EleMental, my first book, for free. This is all in support of my lovely new book, MonuMental.

The internet is a terribly big place and it’s easy to go a little unnoticed no matter all the hooha you’re trying to make.

And why have I been trying to make a hooha?

Because I just discovered that I was about to lose my current allotment of free days for EleMental if I didn’t hurry up and use them. And use them I of course do want to … for promotion.

Yes, EleMental: A First-person Shooter is currently free for download. It ends midnight Thursday, 14 March (US time).

It’s great bringing your book project to completion but it can also wear you out like a … lemur. Well, that lemur above, anyway. Having just come across its picture (and spontaneously named Larry). And that’s why this initial promotion has been rather quick!

Also note – this is absolutely the first time EleMental has been offered for free.

Here are the links for you to head over there right now and grab your copy …

If you’re reading this late and have missed out, don’t worry – this was a rushed affair. I will offer EleMental for free again in a much bigger campaign coming mid-year. (And MonuMental can always be read separately too.)

Yours monuMentally, eleMentally, everyTHINGally …

‘E-FPS’ for 99c & win a $100 Amazon card!

The Holiday Book Sale

I’m happy to let you know, EleMental: A First-person Shooter is a part of the Holiday eBook Sale.

Today’s hottest fiction ebooks are on sale for .99 from Dec 28-Dec 31 only.

Mystery, romance, young adult, sci-fi, fantasy – there’s something for everyone …

… including the chance to win a $100 Amazon gift card!

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Happy Xmas!

Wishing you a big, happy Christmas and an excellent 2013.


Okay, okay, this picture is rather mean-looking for Christmas. But I still love it.

His name is Gilbert and he’s a dragonbot. This is from my new book, MonuMental, and is the artist’s first go at a cover. It’s wonderful to see ideas coming to life in other ways!

Best wishes, everyone.


Going free (before it goes for good)

I have reached the final promotion activity for EleMental: A First-person Shooter. As you know, I have been offering my complete YA novel as four free episodes.  I will be taking down all four episodes of the YA book after this free offer. They will not be available anywhere again after that. Only the complete version will remain.

If you’ve been collecting them, this will be your last chance to make sure you have Level 4. Don’t forget they’re limited editions!

EleMental – A First-person Shooter (Level 4)

YA near future thriller about addiction to virtual reality gaming: one moment, you’re sitting at your desk, the next, you’re battling something that’s half-dinosaur, half-tank. Grab it here: Amazon or Amazon UK.


Also currently free: MotherCraft – A Short Story

Leaving home can be hard, leaving the planet, doubly so. Set at The Little River Spacedocks, this near-future short story is based on a much cherished scene from EleMental, removed by the editor because she didn’t feel it fitted with the rest of the story. (Grrr. But actually, I understood what she meant.)  It’s being offered free in support of EleMental – A First-person Shooter (Level 4).

Grab it here: Amazon or Amazon UK



So what’s next?

Xmas of course! And I’m now well and truly on track to publishing MonuMental, due in early January 2013. From now on, all my posts will be focused on that task. I hope all is going well in your world and you’re looking forward to Xmas as much as I am. Not long now!




New dates for free ebooks!

EleMental: A First-person Shooter – the free programs rolls on!

A big thank you to all those who downloaded (and read!) the Level 1 ebook of my young adult virtual reality thriller, E-FPS1. And an even bigger thank you to those who tweeted messages of appreciation, or ‘liked’ it on Amazon. It was a great success for a book that is still very new.

Well, that’s it for the Level 1 ebook. We’re moving right on to Levels 2 and 3. (But if you missed out and would still like it, see my PS below.)

And remember, come December, none of the Level ebooks will be available at all. I repeat at all. I will be taking them down from Amazon and that will be it.

Quick blast of golden trumpets, please, leading us to the dates …

E-FPS2 – Free!

In case you missed it the first time around, E-FPS2 will be free one final time from Saturday 20 to Sunday 21 October 2012. (This is US time, so if it’s not free when you look, check back later.)

E-FPS2 is Available from Amazon here and Available from Amazon UK here.

Remember: E-FPS2 will no longer be available anywhere after 13 December 2012. You’ll have a collector’s copy. Grab it now for free if you missed out last time.

E-FPS3 – Free!

E-FPS3 will be free for the first time from Saturday 20 through to Sunday 22 October 2012. (This is US time, so if it’s not free when you look, check back later.)

E-FPS3 is Available from Amazon here and Available from Amazon UK here.

And again remember: E-FPS3 will no longer be available anywhere after 14 December 2012. 

PS: Is this the first you’ve heard about the free series, EleMental: A First-person Shooter?

If so, and you’d like to jump on board and be kept up to date, you’re more than welcome to subscribe to the EleMentaList. I’m currently offering my complete novel as a free four-ebook series. We have had Level 1, and are now into Levels 2 and 3. There are four levels in all. Level 1 is still available to purchase but is no longer free. But have no fear, at 99c it’s still very cheap. Cheaper than a glass of coke! But as you know, and this is so, so important, it will no longer be available at all from early December.

E-FPS1 is Available from Amazon here and Available from Amazon UK here.



Writers are nothing without readers

Ptechnodactyl says: 'Download the ebook now. It's free!'

Ptechnodactyl says: ‘Hey, I gotta bargain! Download the ebooks now! While they’re free!’

Well, I’m into my second go at a promotion. Let’s hope I’m improving.

E-FPS1 and E-FPS2 are free right now. If you go there right now – right now! – you’ll get them free as a … as a ptechnodactyl.

You can download E-FPS1 for free on Amazon here and Amazon UK. here.

You can download E-FPS2 for free on Amazon here and Amazon UK here.

And why are they free? Because writers are nothing … nothing at all … without readers.

In this, my second go at attempting to promote my book, here are a selection of websites that are getting behind me with reviews and features:

* Book of the day – Flurries of Words (UK).

* A review on Squidoo – by fellow author, Tracy R Atkins.

* E-FPS1 and E-FPS2 features on Snicklist.

* E-FPS1 feature on Free Ebooks Daily.

Happy downloading! Happy reading! Happy, happy, happy!