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I’m originally from Luton, England, and I now live in Melbourne, Australia with my wife, two adult children (when they’re around!) and Sparks, my ever-hungry Cavalier King Charles spaniel (aka a writer’s assistant).


I’m also a professional social worker. I have previously worked in the health field, specialising in drug counselling, HIV/AIDS care and then the school sector, working with young people. I currently work in the cancer area.

I’m proud to say my manuscript for EleMental won a coveted Young Adult Writers’ Mentorship award at the national Varuna Writers’ Centre in the Blue Mountains, New South Wales. I have since followed up EleMental  with MonuMental and a new fantasy story set deep beneath a garden. All of my novels are influenced by my social work experiences in one way or another. I’m also working on an adult novel influenced by time as an HIV/AIDS social worker in the 80s.

FCS presentation

Steven O’Connor with some of the marvelous students from Fitzroy Community School.

There’s a wee little bit more about me on my ‘About me’ page here.





…and that’s well enough about me. 🙂


4 thoughts on “About me

  1. Really interesting Steve, see you Thurs night. I am English too and used to live v near Luton and have been at arvon foundation’s lumb bank many times ( think John Osborne’s house is arvon foundation too?)

    • Thanks! Yes, John Osborne’s house (The Hurst Manor), is run by The Arvon foundation. I look forward to meeting you this Thursday night at the Melb Writers’ Social Group (which will be my last writerly event in Australia before I head off).

  2. Hello ! I recently picked up a copy of EleMental at an op shop , however it’s a I corrected manuscript copy , is this any different from the proper book ? 🙂 I’m very keen to read it but don’t wanna spoil it if it is in fact different :s haha

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