What I’m working on


A young adult fantasy novel

I’m currently working on a story about a 14-year-old boy who suffers from a new and rare disease called radar. Shortly after his mother dies from the same illness, he escapes into a bizarre world deep beneath his garden filled with extraordinary people and beings.

While writing this story, I drew directly from my years – and the humbling experiences – working as a social worker in HIV/AIDS and now cancer.

I also workshopped the story online for a limited time for ‘beta-reader’ feedback. The readers were mostly teenagers or in their early 20s. As they read through the chapters, many provided feedback at the end of a chapter. I was lucky enough to receive close to a hundred comments and at times made changes to the story based on the feedback – some small changes, some big.

Here’s a sample of some the comments that I just had to share with you (forgive!):

  • ‘This is an awesome book! The ideas and imagination that was in it was amazing. This is a book I won’t forget. I’m sad to have finished this, I really enjoyed the characters and Cee’s journey through this. I feel a bit sad, I don’t want this book to end.’ (Comment from the last chapter, Chapter 92: The Middle Bit.)
  • ‘What?! Noooo! The last chapter with his dad made me cry! Still, it was awesome! Love love love it! Read it in one day cos i couldn’t put it down….’  (Comment from the last chapter, Chapter 92: The Middle Bit.)


Beneath the surface there is The Underplane.

There is Deeper Down.

There is Deeper Still.

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