EleMental: A First-person Shooter (Sci-fi 1)

 The future. It’s all about friendship, love and playing dangerous video games.

elemental_cvr__smlEleMental: A First-person Shooter
is a young adult sci-fi novel originally published by Murdoch Books and is available for traditional republication. Set in 2050 – three teenagers encounter a deadly new v’game (virtual reality game) called ‘EleMental’. The v’game was originally designed to control rebellious asteroid miners.

The EleMental v’game is highly addictive and can mash reality and virtual reality: One moment, you could be sitting at your desk, the next, you’re battling something half-dinosaur, half-tank.

But please note! The story is not ‘anti-video games’ in any way, and I enjoy playing video games. The story explores what if a highly addictive video game was deliberately invented in the future.

In writing the book, I drew on my experiences working as a social worker with those addicted to alcohol and other drugs. The book is now looking for a new home with a publisher or agent.

Book reviews of the original print edition of EleMental

Fifteen-year-old Zeb can’t wait to try out the new virtual reality console, The Plush, and in particular, the game EleMental. With its ability to tap into the player’s own mind and incorporate reality into the action, this is no ordinary game. Soon Zeb can think of little else but winning the game and unlocking its secrets. However, his addiction turns deadly when he becomes trapped in the virtual world.

To save Zeb, his friends Willis and Arizona must join him in EleMental and battle its creator, Grimble Downer. But how do you defeat someone in a world of their own design?

This rare entry into the teenage market by Murdoch’s Pier 9 imprint is a fantastic and exciting debut novel by Steven O’Connor. With its simple writing style and entertaining mix of futuristic sci-fi, horror, action and angst, this is a great book for reluctant readers and, in particular, teenage boys.

There’s nothing babyish that might put off older readers—rather, this reads like Philip K Dick for teenagers. With the narrative sneakily shifting between the real and virtual worlds, O’Connor explores some fairly complex and sophisticated issues in a thrilling and accessible way.

Bookseller+Publisher June 2010

(This article from Bookseller+Publisher magazine is reproduced under licence from Thorpe-Bowker, a division of R R Bowker LLC. © Copyright 2010, Thorpe-Bowker.)

‘… the author does an excellent job of creating Virtualitee, and by the end readers might feel as if they have had a lucky escape from its clutches, too.’

Booklist, May 2012

The print edition of EleMental is available through Amazon here and Amazon UK here.












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