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 A father leaving home can be painful at anytime. Leaving the planet, doubly so.

mothercraft - final cover (300 dpi) (no ss)

A sci-fi short story about a family of the future. Set at The Little River Spacedocks, this near-future short story is based on a deleted scene from EleMental.
Amazon Review for MotherCraft
Terrific story set in a world at once recognisable and totally foreign. Real relationships between family members at a time of stress for all – engrossing!’ (4 stars) (Gillian)

The story
Zeb’s father must leave his family for several months. But all does not go well when he attempts to stage a surprise farewell celebration at The Lunching Pad Family Restaurant.

Also included:

  • three pieces about writing, covering different times in the author’s life
  • artwork, including alternative pictures for Elemental and MonuMental
  • sample chapters from EleMental and MonuMental.

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