I’ve been busy

I’ve been a little invisible on my website. My head has been elsewhere: in my latest work in progress. But at last that project is at a point where I have handed it over to another for their thoughts and reactions. So I have returned to my little website with this quick check-in from me – to let you know I’m still around.

And I have to show you this…

It’s a tidy desk. Hooray! Well, tidy for me anyway. For these are the kinds of things one can do when taking a brief pause in your writing. Watering and weeding the garden is another. My garden has rather suffered. Poor plants.

I have the germ of an idea for my next work-in-progress, which is a nice place to be in, writing-wise. I’ll begin exploring it soon, but in the meantime I’m enjoying spending more time reading. I have finished a book of Neil Gaiman short stories and now begun Haruki Murakami’s latest release, Killing Commendatore.

Well, this is just a quick drop-in. When I have more writing news, I’ll be sure to let you know. Meanwhile, I always like to include a few snaps in my posts, even quick posts such as this. And so I’ve dug around and found a few…

The first two pics are of the Melbourne University buildings where I studied social work many years ago (now a part of Trinity College, apparently). The buildings sit opposite the main campus and I stroll past them each morning on my way to my current social work hospital job. It feels strange seeing them again after so long, and to remember those days in my early twenties. The buildings haven’t changed in the slightest. Even the interiors look the same.

Melb. Uni’s Social Work Department in the 80s
The next building along, where we had our lectures

And so I leave you with some flowers. Though I have been busy, these two have somehow survived and so I’m happy to present them to you now…

An orchid sitting on my kitchen table right now.
And another orchid, this one outside.

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